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Bumblebee Catfish: Perfect Care And Types Guide

Bumblebee Catfish: Perfect Care And Types Guide

Decorative catfish include prominent choices for freshwater aquariums, and one of the most sites for Dating professionals extremely spectacular advice may be the brilliant black-and-yellow Bumblebee Catfish. These shy little bottom dwellers prosper in planted communities and are generally very easy to care for, very take a look at our very own total self-help guide to find out if the Bumblebee is an excellent fit for the container!

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Quick Facts About Bumblebee Catfish

What Exactly Are Bumblebee Catfish?

There are many varieties purchased in the tank trade in phase “bumblebee catfish,” however the Southern United states Bumblebee Catfish (Microglanis iheringi) is the tiniest and most friendly regarding the bunch. These shy seafood are perfect for tanks 20 gallons or more, so let’s simply take reveal examine their unique organic records and care requirements!

All-natural Records And Environment

Of the three bumblebee types generally found in the usa marine trade, the littlest could be the South American Bumblebee Catfish (SABC). They’ve been generally captured as juveniles from the quick canals and streams along the Turmero lake Basin in Venezuela, although their selection additionally offers into Columbia and Northern Brazil:

Bumblebee catfish are earliest explained in 1800s, and because that period significantly more than 50 kinds happen determined within the northern parts of south usa. Additional similar but not related “bumblebee” seafood are found in Africa and components of Asia also. These big predatory types has considerably different requirement from SABC.

Looks And Proportions

Bumblebee catfish include known as with their gorgeous markings as these fish need a dark brown to whitehead with alternating, unpredictable spots of yellow and brown/black operating across their health and tail. They change from a bright golden-yellow to a brownish-orange hue, and they markings become camouflage in the wild.

How big do bumblebee catfish have? It all depends, since the Asian and massive kinds can achieve above twice how big is the calm southern area American variety. is little catfish that normal about 3-inches in total at maturity and seldom surpasses 3.5 in from snout to end


With care, the common lifespan for bumblebee catfish is just about 5 years. These seafood were seldom if bred in captivity, and tend to be typically built-up from untamed populations as juveniles before for sale to the tank trade.

Behavior And Nature

The SABC is actually a bashful base dweller that generally speaking really does better together with other similar-sized peaceful community seafood. SABC commonly predatory and don’t typically strike some other seafood, unlike the larger and aggressive Asian and Giant types. However they are catfish and will eat everything (including more seafood) that fit in their greater lips.

They’ve been naturally nocturnal and a lot of productive as soon as your aquarium bulbs include off. The whole day they would rather hide into the substrate and under decorations, though they might explore shaded areas of your tank in search of food. You may also train your in the future out for goodies from inside the daytime!

You can preserve a solo SABC in your area tank, but these seafood also get along side each other very long because they have enough place to scavenge in various avenues. While I’ve heard research of intense bumblebees feasting on the container friends, these fish are often Asian or huge types sold incorrectly because .

How-to Take Care Of Their Bumblebee Catfish

Fortunately that are usually sturdy, undemanding, and simple to care for provided that several important requisite tend to be met. Whether you’re setting up an innovative new container or incorporating them to your people, here’s the main points about what you’ll should keep the catfish happier and healthy!

Container Set-up And Environment Needs

What sort of aquarium set-up is fantastic these smaller catfish? I like to go with a layout that mimics their unique environment, nevertheless these fish are pretty versatile general when considering your machines and decoration. Let’s read the environment and drinking water preferences of :

Tank Dimensions

You’ll need at least 20 gallons container for an individual catfish, plus it’s typically smart to allow about 10 additional gallons of room per SABC. Because they are bottom dwellers, like much longer tanks across taller or portrait-style aquariums. A 55-gallon container may be the best proportions for a small grouping of three in a mixed area.


invest a majority of their time hiding in and scavenging throughout your substrate, as a result it’s best to pick normal earth, sands, or good gravels without any harsh or jagged sides. Smoother substrates include less inclined to result a personal injury towards seafood versus harsher, unnaturally shaded tank gravel products.

Catfish is sensitive to ammonia also tank waste material, as a result it’s important that you do normal drinking water variations to prevent an accumulation of the toxins within container. In addition, you’ll wanna keep your filtration system clean and change the filtration media on routine to keep water gleaming fresh.


SABC tend to be omnivores and want a meal plan balanced between plant foods and proteins. As scavengers, they’ll joyfully feast on the dinners waste leftover from the rest of the people, but they’re additionally shy eaters. They could come out for special snacks like live brine shrimp (a large specialty) nevertheless they choose to scavenge under the address of dark.

Make sure you take your more area diet programs into account whenever giving your catfish, and attempt to complement using the appropriate snacks. For example, if you’re serving their neighborhood a high-protein flake dinners, present your a mixed diet of sinking algae wafers and spirulina pellets, with new blanched vegetable snacks.

While are not predatory catfish, these are typically opportunistic feeders and devour whatever meets in their mouths. You need to abstain from keeping them with more compact seafood like neon tetras or invertebrates such shrimp and snails. When your catfish begins assaulting their neighborhood, it’s perhaps not an SABC and got mislabeled inside store.


it is extremely tough to reproduce in captivity. Actually, I’ve never seen a recorded case of captive-bred bumblebee catfish on the market anywhere in the US. Feeding a protein-rich eating plan accompanied by a rise in liquids heat may cause their seafood to spawn when you have a mixed-gender container, it’s not likely to occur in typical home aquarium.

Health Issues

Like all marine varieties, catfish include susceptible to waterborne bacteria, viral and fungal infections, particularly if they’re under serious or extended concerns. But are not susceptible to lots of certain illnesses or disorders. Should you hold her h2o temperature along with other variables steady, supply all of them a healthy and varied dieting and abstain from overfeeding them, odds are close you’ll get catfish for a long time.

Creating A Bumblebee Catfish Container: Gear And Provide Record

For a container suitable for a community with 1 among these gorgeous and timid catfish, you’ll demand:

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